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Puss in Boots Panto Auditions!

13 August 2023

Puss In Boots



In a first for Culter Theatre Club, this year's Christmas pantomime will be "Puss in Boots"!  Not only that, but the script is being written in house this year - which means more jokes that you can shake a stick at!  Of course that all means it's time to get started with auditions!

Ever thought you'd like to have a go on stage? Well now's the time to come along to the auditions and show us your stuff.

Whether you want one of the main parts, a supporting role, or just to be one of our great chorus, young or old, we'd love for you to come along.

Thursday 24th August or Tuesday 29th August or Thursday 31st August
Culter Village Hall

Time: 7.30pm

To attend the auditions, please REGISTER ONLINE HERE

Excerpts from the script, songs and dances will be available on the night (you don't have to memorise anything!). There are parts to suit everyone!  Interested in a part?  These are the available characters:

  • PUSS IN BOOTS - Puss' talking self. With boots.
  • PRINCESS PETUNIA - Principal Girl.
  • KING CHARLIE - Browbeaten King.
  • BOABBIE - The Royal Page.
  • COUNT GRUMBLEGRAB - An evil Count, who is also a baker.
  • FAIRY ANNIE - A good fairy.
  • FAIRY PERNICIOUS - Her sister. A BAD fairy.
  • HITHER - The Millers son. Not the sharpest tool in the box.
  • TITHER - Also the Millers son. Even less sharp.
  • JACK - The Millers stepson. Principal Boy.
  • BONNIE - A village girl. In love with Hither
  • BUNTY - A village girl. In love with Tither.
  • Chorus (Singing/Dancing)

Want to help out backstage? 

Just come along and introduce yourself on one of the audition nights, and let us know what you're interested in! Please note that you have to be over 18 for many of our backstage roles.

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